The Important Things About Dana Poem

I wrote this little poem with some of my students a few years ago.  It was a class activity  inspired by The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown.  I added a few pictures between the lines.  I hope you enjoy…

The Important Thing About Dana

The Important thing about Dana is she loves her family and she loves people,

Cinque terre 97 yr old

She’s pretty good at drawing faces, 

Devin's SketchAlyssas sketch

and she’s a writing teacher,

Writing AlandryWriting camp han


She designs and decorates special places.

porch allPorch Ceiling


Especially the ones that are open and outside where she can be close to nature,

Porch relax

She cooks all sorts of unusual food and her pictures are always great,

Roasted Root Salad Pears

Her animals are close to her heart.  To her, they’re special creatures,

dogs gusdogs charley

She loves to hike and picnic, travel, write poetry and read…

But the important thing about Dana is she loves her family and she loves people.

Dana down south

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