Delicious Creamy Vegan White Sauce

Creamy White SauceThis sauce is absolutely delicious and can transform any vegetable into an irresistible dish. Others will think you spent hours in the kitchen preparing it.  It’s easy and it’s guilt free.  It has a butter flavor without any butter.  It It looks creamy, but there is no cream, no cheese, and no milk.  It’s all organic and super healthy.  I use this sauce to make creamy collards, guilt-free broccoli casserole, Alfredo fettuccine, healthy mac and cheese, potato soup, and so much more.  I’ll post all of these recipes eventually, but today I’m putting it over quinoa pasta and sauteed spinach with roasted bell peppers.

The buttery taste of this sauce comes from the soaked cashews, and the creamy milk flavor comes from blending the chickpeas and avocado.  The chickpeas also provide protein while the avocado gives it the healthy fats.  However, cauliflower is the vegetable- star of this creamy concoction, and no picky eater in my family complains or even notices the taste of it in this sauce.  Cauliflower  is packed with so many cancer fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients.  Its fiber helps with satiety, weight loss and a healthy digestive tract.  It also contains choline that is essential for learning and memory as well as many other important nutrients.  What more can you ask from a sauce that tastes like Alfredo?

These are the ingredients for the sauce: a heaping cup of chickpeas, a cup of soaked raw cashews, a head of cauliflower, a sauteed onion, four cloves of garlic, an avocado, salt, white pepper, red pepper, and possibly a few herbs of your choice. I’ve used parsley, tarragon, or a sprinkle of Italian.  Sometimes I don’t use any herbs.  It just depends on what I’m blending with the sauce.  For example, mac and cheese has no herbs.

Creamy White Sauce IngredientsI chop the cauliflower and boil it in a couple of quarts of water. In a skillet, I saute’ the onion and garlic.  I like them almost caramelized to bring out the sweetness.  I put the cauliflower broth, the cauliflower, the sauteed onions and the rest of the ingredients in a high powered blender of food processor.  The result is amazing.

creamy white sauce onionsPour it over pasta or vegetables or both or mix it in casseroles or quinoa.  Just be creative.

Creamy White Sauce plateI always store a jar or two in my refrigerator for quick throw-together meals.  If I don’t use it within the week, I freeze it for later.  Like I said, it can be used for anything.  Try it and share your favorite recipes with me.

Creamy White Sauce JarsIn the photos I’ve posted today, this is what I’ve done. I sauteed spinach and roasted a couple of fresh red bell peppers.  I put the spinach over quinoa noodles, poured the white sauce over the top, and I added a few peppers.  I sprinkled it with tarragon seasoning.  There were no leftovers.

Creamy White Sauce close

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Delicious Creamy Vegan White Sauce
Recipe type: Vegan Sauce
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6 or more
  • 1 head cauliflower
  • 4 cups of broth, leftover from the boiled cauliflower
  • 1 heaping cup of chickpeas (I use organic and BPA free, canned if I'm in a hurry)
  • 1 cup raw cashews (If I'm out of raw, I use an organic roasted cashews)
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 large onion, sauteed
  • 4 cloves garlic, sauteed
  • 2½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp white pepper
  • a dash or two of cayenne pepper to your taste
  • herbs of your choice. My favorite is a splash of tarragon (This can be omitted.)
  1. Chop a head of cauliflower and boil it in a couple of quarts of water until tender.
  2. Saute' onions and garlic in olive oil until almost caramelized.
  3. In a high powered blender or food processor, add the onions, garlic, broth and a cup or two of the cauliflower. Blend until smooth.
  4. Gradually add the rest of the cauliflower, cashews, chickpeas, and avocado. Add more broth if the blender starts to stick or you want a thinner sauce. Or, add less if you want a thicker sauce.
  5. Add the seasonings and blend until the sauce is smooth and creamy.
  6. Finally, taste a sample and add more seasoning if needed. Sometimes it needs more if you've used a larger head of cauliflower.



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2 thoughts on “Delicious Creamy Vegan White Sauce

  1. I first tried this recipe a couple of months back and I can tell you that it is a huge hit at my house! My boys just turned 11 and 13 last weekend and guess what they asked me to make for their birthday dinner? You guessed it . . noodles with creamy vegan white sauce! I’ve made a couple different variations on the recipe. The boys like it over macaroni and broccoli and then baked for a creamy broccoli-noodle casserole. Thanks for the great crowd-pleasing recipe!

    1. Thanks, Marisa
      My boys request it all the time, too. It’s good with almost anything and will make any kid love their vegetables.

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