Pompeii: Only five miles from the most dangerous volcano in the world, Mount Vesuvius, that erupted in 79 AD burying the city in volcanic ash. It’s now an outdoor museum of the ancient Roman city.


Pompeii 3


Pompeii 2 arena


Pompeii 3 streets

pompeii 4

Pompeii 5

Pompeii 6

Pompeii 7

Pompeii 8

Pompeii 9

Pompeii 10

Pompeii 11

Pompeii 12

Pompeii 13

Pompeii 14

Pompeii 15


Pompeii 15 a

Pompeii 16

Pompeii 17

Pompeii 19


Pompeii 20


Pompeii 21

Pompeii 22

There is more to come on Pompeii very soon. And

Hopefully there will be a children’s book published on Pompeii so stay in touch for great things to happen on this blog.

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