Spicy Mango


Mango, lime and Tajin’ Chili Seasoning are a combination that you’ll go back to time and time again. I know what you’re thinking… mango and spicy chili seasoning…Yuck!  But just try it. I promise it’s delicious, and this sweet, spicy combination will satisfy your sweet tooth and end your unhealthy cravings.

I was first introduced to this interesting little snack on the beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I was leery at first. A young native girl approached me with a basket full of mango in clear plastic bags with chili pepper and lime. Mangos, especially fresh from Mexico, are so delightful that I didn’t think it would be possible to have them any other way than just fresh and sweet. But, I’m always ready to take my taste buds on a journey so I tried it and fell in love with spicy mango.

When I returned home, I tried to replicate that taste I had found in Mexico, and I came close a time or two by using a little chili powder, a little red pepper, salt and lime. I wasn’t quite satisfied until I discovered the Tajin chili pepper seasoning mix. It is just the right amount of chili powder, pepper, and salt.


The most important part of this recipe is finding the right mango. You need a ripe mango. I have never had any luck choosing a mango by just looking at the color. Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it isn’t ripe and tasty. I have to feel and smell the mango. The mango needs to feel soft, but not so soft that you break the skin when you press you fingers into it. I always choose a fat mango (the skinny ones tend to be stringy).  I lightly press my fingers around the entire mango. Look at the stem and make sure it is really plump surrounding the stem because I think this means it was picked at just the right time. Smell the stem to make sure it doesn’t smell like it’s fermenting. If the stem has a strong alcohol smell then it’s too ripe.

If you want your mango to last a few days, you’ll want to choose one that is a little firmer. It will finish ripening on your kitchen counter.

The hardest part of this recipe for me is slicing the mango. I hate trying to cut around that oddly shaped seed. Every time I slice one, I promise myself I’m going to invest in a mango slicer. I’m not sure if one would even work, but if anyone has a suggestion, please leave me a comment.

After slicing the mango onto a plate, I squeeze an entire lime on my mango, sprinkle it with Tajin seasoning, sit on the porch, and devour this little treat. I’m reminded with each bite of the beautiful playa in Puerto Vallarta.

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Spicy Mango
Recipe type: snack
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
  • 1 large, ripe mango
  • 1 lime
  • Tajin Seasoning
  1. Slice the mango and place it on a plate.
  2. Take the lime and roll it on the cabinet until it is softened. This will bring the juice out more easily. Slice the lime and I save a thin slice for my plate for garnish.
  3. Squeeze the lime onto the mango.
  4. Sprinkle the desired amount of seasoning over the top. I would try sprinkling a little at first, and then gradually adding the amount suitable for your taste buds. I like a lot.




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2 thoughts on “Spicy Mango

  1. Dana where do you buy this Tajin seasoning? This is something that I myself would love to try. I have found that lime juice will bring out a huge burst of flavor in a lot of tropical fruits.

    1. You can buy it at the grocery store with the Latin American foods or you can get it online. I bought mine in the produce section at Walmart.

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