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leaving for Italy
Dana at the airport with her carry-on, the only luggage we took for a month!

Well, the big day is upon us, and I’m very excited and stressed at the same time. Those of you who know me may not believe I’m stressing over anything, but after months of planning for this trip and reading about all of the possibilities and scenarios that could happen, it’s no wonder people just book their trips through tour companies and pay a lot more money.

I’m here to say it really isn’t that bad. At least the planning part for me has been exciting and fun. I’ve enjoyed searching for many hours and reading hundreds of reviews on different hotels, restaurants, tours, trains, ferries, towns, clothing, luggage, security and well, you get the picture. Anyway, I guess the only thing that really worries me is getting my cash and credit cards pick pocketed and being out of money halfway through my trip. I have taken some great precautions to prevent this from happening, and I plan on sharing them with you after I return from the front lines and have tested them firsthand. If someone does snatch a few dollars, then I’ll have another story for you, but I prefer to share the ones where I win.

I also have some awesome tips on everything from learning to speak a little Italian to what to wear. I’ll have to let you know about the “what to wear” part when I return home. Unlike Dana, I’m a hot-natured person and wear shorts every chance I get. In order to fit in with the Italians or at least show some respect for their culture, I’m not planning on wearing shorts except on the beach. I’m also only taking a small carry-on suitcase with a weight limit of 22 lbs. Hey! If Dana can do it, then I know I can. I watched her pack her suitcase over and over until she figured out this packing-light thing. I have heavier clothing than her, and I’m not a mix-and-match and accessorize type guy. The best thing that I found for packing is the vacuum bags. Dana has already posted on how she packed if you really want the scoop.

Another thing I’m a little concerned about is our camera. I have read on more than one website that if you take a nice camera to Italy, don’t expect it to come back. I plan on proving that wrong!! I will have to track someone down in the streets before I let them get away with our camera. Dana would be very sad if she couldn’t post her food pictures on the blog. I’ll bring it home…I hope. After 25 years of marriage, it’s still true if Dana’s not happy then I’m not happy.

We plan on taking plenty of notes on everything we experience in order to pass the information on to you. After all, that’s what friends are for. We will inform you about the best places we find to dine, the best foods, wines, tours, accommodations, and of course the best cozy romantic places we discover. The “BEST of the BEST” is what we are looking for… at an affordable price I might add. We will also warn you of any bad experiences we encounter.

I would love to keep rattling on about our plans, but we leave for Atlanta tomorrow and I still have to pick up a few more items. I almost forgot the mosquito wipes and of course I have to get a haircut since I can’t wear my cap in Italy either…. Italians don’t wear caps everyday I’m told. I guess because they don’t have SEC football.


Ci vediamo dopo,


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